Theme for The Society for the Study of Meteorological Crystallography

Theme for The Society for the Study of Meteorological Crystallography [disquiet0267]


Gazing out of my studio window as the snow comes down, the instructions got me thinking of a track that could combine the “public information film track” vibe with something a little left-field esoteric. We don’t have too much snow in my part of the world (a couple of days a year), so it made me think about a group of scientists researching the formation of snow crystals – the formation as a simple physical process resulting in infinite variability.

Original Objective:

Step 1: There’s a fascinating book from 1988 titled The Metronomic Society. Written by the Michael Young, it is an academic study of the rhythms of human existence, with an emphasis on organization and societal systems. It’s not necessary to read it. It’s just helpful to know where we’re borrowing the term from.

Step 2: Imagine there is an actual group called the Metronomic Society. You might also imagine what they’re up to. Maybe it’s a Man Ray fan club, or a bunch of disgruntled piano tuners, or maybe they explore arcane theories about quantum mechanics. Who knows?

Step 3: Now compose and record a short piece of music — a sound cue, a theme, a sound logo, a jingle — for the Metronomic Society.


It had to be in 6/8 time following with the water crystallography theme and from there it was a simple case of establishing some “period” sound design to represent a 70s science documentary uncovering the work of the Society.

Next steps would be to work with some generative tools to build on the theme. That can wait for another day


Photograph: echosonic

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