Farewell to Vger: Notes from a Pale Blue Pixel


Disquiet Junto Project 0089: V’Ger

Another Disquiet Junto after a long break … this certainly isn’t my favourite, but it gave me a chance to investigate Logic Pro X!


This week’s project is as follows. On its voyage beyond the bounds of our solar system, the Voyager 1 recorded two bursts of sound, which NASA has uploaded as part of the information video at the following URL:


The musical noise can be heard in two 12-second segments, from 0:12 to 0:24 and then from 0:33 to 0:45.

Those sounds will serve as the source material for your track. Now that Voyager 1 has left the solar system, you will write a short piece of goodbye music to send it on its way, using these sounds recorded in the outer space. You can add whatever you want to them, and you can transform the noise as you see fit, but you should retain elements of the original source material so that it remains recognisable to the listener. In particular, pay attention to the source audio’s melodic content.


Back in the saddle after a few months off, this was a fairly quick project. Processing the sound through Ambient, Reaktor and paulstretch gave me a palette of sounds from which to build a farewell drone. I had wanted to include some other instrumentation, but I felt it all worked better with just the processed source audio.


More on this 89th Disquiet Junto project, in which the sounds of interstellar space are used to make “goodbye music” for the Voyager 1 space probe, at: disquiet.com/2013/09/12/disquiet0089-vger/

Source audio courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Iowa via: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIAZWb9_si4

Special thanks to Mark Ward (mark-ward.org) for having suggested this material as the subject for a Disquiet Junto project.

More details on the Disquiet Junto at: soundcloud.com/groups/disquiet-junto/info



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