Some trailer soundtracking …


Disquiet Junto Project 0071: Wind Music

Quoting’s Marc Wiedenbaum: “This week’s project is straightforward. It is an exercise in scoring for video. The video is one minute and four seconds long. It is the trailer to a film now in development. The title of the film is Sense the Wind and the director is Christine Knowlton. The subject of the film is blind sailors. The fact that film is about people for whom hearing is especially important made it very attractive. The director is excited to hear, and see, what we come up with. As her @SenseTheWind Twitter feed states of the film: “Blind sailors race across open water, learning not to fear what they cannot see — on boats or on land.”



A few notes were taken when playing through the video on movement, direction and narrative peaks. Generally the flow of any trailer is to peak toward the end, but there were some definite emotional “moments” through the early and central parts of the trailer.

I uploaded the video and its soundtrack to Logic Pro and began plotting out some trombone and cello parts using Kontakt. These were augmented by a simple ebowed guitar part (fairly hidden in the mix) and a bell like part created separately in Ableton Live.

The most time consuming part was to balance the music with the foley, but this will become more apparent once I’ve uploaded the video. Logic (and its auxes and buses) was being awkward too.


Photograph: The Solent near sunset (@echosonic)

I give the director permission to use my music in the trailer for the film Sense the Wind for promotional purposes.

More on this 71st Disquiet Junto project, which involves creating a backing score for the trailer to the film Sense the Wind, about competitive blind sailing, directed by Christine Knowlton,

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:

More on the film at:


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