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Disquiet Junto Project 0068:

This is a shared-sample project with the detailed instructions provided at the following site: Groups – Disquiet-junto


Each of the three shared samples were run through Ambient v0.3 and I spent 20 minutes or so playing with the parameters to find some interesting textures. After this, the granular samples were imported into Ableton Live for some further sound design. Certain sections were then brought into Kontakt to create some unique instrumentation.

Once a rough palette of sound was created, I imported everything into Logic Pro for arrangement and mixing.


Photograph: @echosonic – creases

More on this 68th Disquiet Junto project, the intent of which is to draw attention to the benefits of a Creative Commons license allowing for derivative works,

This track is composed from material extracted from three pre-existing tracks (“The Find Beauty, Even in the Mundane,” “Immaterial Girl,” “Libertarian Entertainment Automaton”) by C. Reider, all of which were released on the album The Conjuncts on the netlabel, and were themselves derived from the following: “Garden City” and “Ventilation” from Tulse Hill by Hannah Marshall; “LichenWall” from Gardening by Steve Moyes; “Eighteen Events” from Not One Nor by Daniel Barbiero; “Awkward Customer” from [m2012/30-09] by Restive; “cues two three” and “cue six” from Cue Sheet by Sighup; “Sending Dreams to She Downstream” from Pocket Suite by He Can Jog; “The Palsgraf Scale” from Weights and Measures by Gurdonark; “Bonus Track” from Pale by Leo Bettinelli and Pol Nieva; “Haunted Grace” from Haunted Grace on SoundCloud by Jess Lemont a.k.a. Be A Waterwolf; “Ochiita” from Gently Annoying by Xesús Valle; and “Once More With Intellect” from [m2012/30-09] by Restive.

More details on the Disquiet Junto at: Groups – Disquiet-junto


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