Fallen Music Box

Disquiet Junto Project 0028: Netlabel Net

Fallen Music Box (from Ochiita by Xesús Valle) [disquiet0028-netlabel]

As part of the weekly Disquiet Junto project this week, the goal was to rework tracks from a netlabel release — in part to recognize the inspiration that netlabels provide, and in part to encourage a particular type of net label.

Quoting Disquiet’s Marc Wiedenbaum, “Netlabels provided one of the strongest inspirations for the origination of the Disquiet Junto. Netlabels offer up the music of their participating artists for free, and they exist in a loose constellation of mutual support. It’s a pretty dense constellation. There are estimated to be between 400 and 500 netlabels in existence, all building on the model of the Creative Commons.”

“While netlabels give away music for free, a surprising few do so under the license that allows for derivative creations — that is, for remixing and reworking. To encourage that sort of license, the Disquiet Junto assignment this week is to remix one of two tracks selected from a recent album on the great Audiotalaia netlabel, all of the releases on which allow for derivative works. The album is Gently Annoying by Xesús Valle. You’ll find the music at the following two URLs. Please select one of these two tracks to remix: Ochiita or Tanku.”

“You can add whatever you’d like to the music in the process of making your remix, even combining the two songs into one. ”

The first version of this I created, I hated … too dark, too dull. So I tried to create another remix that was a little more pretty … 
It was all created inside Ableton Live with a couple of instances of Max for Live’s Granulator and having cut up and gated the original track (Ochiita). Very simple and just a little glitching added to ensure that it was not too pretty.

This week’s project also gives me a chance to plug the netlabel I often release material on: http://fwonk.co.uk/


Photo: @echosonic Music box

Source music: “Ochiita” from the album Gently Annoying by Xesús Valle, remixed courtesy of the Creative Commons “Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike” license:


More on the Audiotalaia label at: http://actsofsilence.com/album-review/desde-la-atalaia/

More on the 28th Disquiet Junto project at: http://disquiet.com/2012/07/12/disquiet0028-netlabel/

More details on the Disquiet Junto at: http://soundcloud.com/groups/disquiet-junto/info


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