15 – a track for the Disquiet Junto Week 17

Platform 13, Waterloo Station

Disquiet Junto Project 0017: Transition

Plan, in three steps:

A field recording of 30 seconds.

A 30-second segment of “The Day Love Came In The Mail” by Lee Rosevere off the album Play 3 on the WM Recordings netlabel.

A new track created in which the field recording can be heard to slowly transition into the preexisting track.


The field recording was recorded on 27th April, 2012, 5.56pm at the end of Platform 13, London Waterloo Station using an Olympus handheld digital recorder. It features a train passing over the tight radius points at the station neck causing characteristic “wheel squeal” as it makes its way into platform 18. The original recording feature a little wind noise and a little preamp noise from the device, but this was EQed out to give a true sonic picture. The field recording was processed with various granular and convolution effects to blend it into the Lee Rosevere track (and a fair amount of backwards processing to fade the Rosevere track back into the field recording). No other sound sources were harmed in the production of this track.

As requested in the instructions, the first 5 seconds and last 5 seconds are the naked field recording and original track respectively. Everything else is a reflection, reverberation, granulation or attenuation.

I can only really consider this WIP – I’m still not totally happy with the transition, but I like the overall effect of the track as it is.

The track was mainly processed within Logic Pro using a number of incidences of the Space Designer plug-in, tape delay effects and EQing with a small amount of Max granular work.


This track includes a segment of “The Day Love Came In The Mail” by Lee Rosevere off the album Play 3 on the WM Recordings netlabel, thanks to Creative Commons license.

More information at: 

Image: @echosonic (via Instagram)

Many thanks of Lee Rosevere (@happypuppyrecs) for the base track and Marc Weidenbaum (@disquiet) for the project!

More details on the Disquiet Junto at: Disquiet Junto


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